Aluminum Wiring Replacement Burlington

Burlington Aluminum Wiring Replacement


aluminum wiring replacement burlingtonDuring the mid-1960s to early 1970s, aluminum wiring was widely used in residential construction. However, aluminum wiring was later discovered to pose a significant fire hazard. Consequently, many homeowners replace their old aluminum wiring with safer alternatives. At Electrical Service Providers (ESP), we are pleased to offer reliable aluminum wiring replacement services in Burlington and Alamance & Chatham County.

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Need aluminum wiring replacement in Burlington? Aluminum wiring is highly susceptible to corrosion and oxidation upon exposure to oxygen, posing a significant fire risk in areas where it is spliced or connected to switches, outlets, or circuit breakers. As time passes, these risks escalate due to the aluminum’s tendency to contract and expand with fluctuations in temperature, resulting in circuit disruptions. Consequently, overheating, sparks, and potential fire outbreaks may occur.


When examining your aluminum wiring, some electricians may recommend completely rewiring your entire home. Although rewiring with copper wiring is a reliable solution, it can be costly. Luckily, a complete rewiring is not always required. Our skilled electricians can often offer a more affordable alternative for aluminum wiring replacement in Burlington by installing copper connection points at the ends of the aluminum wires.

We can add copper connection points where the wires connect with:

  1. Outlets
  2. Switches
  3. Circuit breakers

If you have previously added copper connection points or have old aluminum wiring in your home, inspecting your electrical wires thoroughly is essential. This will help determine their condition and the best actions to take. Trusting qualified electricians near me Burlington for aluminum retrofits is crucial for your safety. Our rewiring technicians at Electrical Service Providers (ESP) possess the necessary training and expertise to inspect your wiring accurately and provide needed repairs to keep you and your family safe.

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