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We believe that no job is too small or too big for us to do for you. We take extreme pride in our work that we have a guarantee. Call Us for details 866-470-4377. Our work with you is not complete until you are fully satisfied. We are confident in the electrical services that we provide for you, and our staff is the best. We work hard to make sure that we are reliable and affordable for everyone.


Electrical Service Providers is your best local electrician. We are locally owned and operated by Andy Helton Master Electrician. With 35+ years of electrical experience and training we are the best at what we do! Our # 1 Job for you and the main concern is the 100% satisfaction of our customers. We appreciate every person that takes the time out of their day to call or have us out to their house to do electrical repairs. We love being everyone’s favorite local electricians.


At Electrical Service Providers we are happy to offer any electrical service that you might need. Please contact us with any electrical requests you may have.

Here To Solve Your Electrical Problems 24/7 Local, Trusted, Clean, Expert Electricians.

1) Local Electrical Panel Repairs & Installs

2) Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

3) Local Electrical Circuit Breakers replacements & repairs

4) Generac Equipment Repair & Install

5) Pool & Spa Light Installation

6) Dedicated Generator Repairs

7) Whole-House Surge Protection

8) Troubleshooting & Repairs

9) Generator Installation

10) Certified Electrical Inspections

11) Lighting Installation

12) Switches & Dimmers

13) Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

14) Recessed Can Lighting

15) Intercom Installations

16) Flourescent Fixtures

17) Flat Screen TV Installations

18) Landscape Lighting

19) Telephone, Voice & Data

20) Decorative & Accent

21) Stand-By Back Up Generator

22) Ceiling Fan Installation

23) Electrical Outlets

24) LED Lighting

North Carolina Residential & Commercial Electricians Chapel Hill

Do you need an Electrician in NC today?

A. Our top-notch highly experienced local Electricians can repair, replace, and install everything electrical for your business or home.

What does it cost?

A. Your Local Electrician will give you choices and Exact rates in writing before starting any job. When you decide on your repair or install the price will not change even if we have overlooked something.

When can you fix it?

A. FAST !!! Electrical Service Providers has electricians ready to service the Alamance County area!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed?

A. We value our Chapel Hill customers, and we want you to feel that you have made the best choice in choosing us Our goal is to turn your situation into an experience that is better than you expected. If you don’t have a great service experience we will make it right for you. Give us a Call, and we want you to be happy.

When to Call an Electrician

Electrical Service Providers has provided the most dependable residential electrical services near the Chapel Hill areas for 30+ years. Whether you have a minor electrical repair issue or have a significant electrical installation needs, no project is too large (or too little ) for our Electricians near you.

When to Call an Electrician near you ?

The answer is Call Now,! At any time you need electrical services. Call us for details 866-470-4377 A few things are best left to a certified electrician near you, although you can learn how to do just about anything around the house by watching DIY videos and reading blog posts. To protect yourself, your home, and your family calls an electrician whenever you need us to work on helping you right away.


Electrical Contractors Serving Chapel Hill & Beyond Circuit breakers trip often, or fuses blow frequently Lights flicker or dim when appliances turn on Outlets and switches are hot to the touch Your home’s electric service panel is over 20 years old.

Reasons to Hire an Electrical Contractor near you ?

We are the Best! There are almost too many reasons to list, but here are some of the shirts reasons why you should always hire an electrical contractor to do electrical work in your house: It is Safer — Dealing with electricity is very hazardous. Besides the immediate threat of electrocution and electroshock, improper electrical work can pose a fire danger. Protect yourself and your family.

It’s Cheaper — Maybe not upfront, but hiring an electrician could be significantly cheaper from the long-run in case your DIY repairs cause any problems and have to be mended themselves. You could have the ability to save a couple of bucks doing the task yourself, but you stand to save even more in the long run.

It’s Easier — Even if you’ve got the time to dedicate to DIY electrical repairs or installation, do you know the first place to get started ? One thing is certain: it is a whole a lot more easy to pick up the phone and call Electrical Service Providers than it is to go through the annoyance of DIY service.

We focus in all types and sizes of commercial, residential, and industrial electrical repair jobs –no matter how complex your issues might look. Andy Helton, the president, is not just a businessman, but also an electrician by trade and oversees our company. Are considered part of our family, as are our clients. It is our objective to go beyond and above for you by paying attention and by listening for your project. We try to construct strong employee-customer relationships on the way and deliver exceptional home electricity.

Electric Repair Assurance: On Time, Every Time, Guaranteed

We are Prepared to place our experienced electricians to work for you. We constantly offer the best pricing, which means you won’t ever be surprised by how much you’re billed. Our Team looks forward to helping with your lighting setup needs.


When is It time to call an electrician ?

If You’re currently resetting Circuit breakers or changing fuses more frequently than usual, you should contact an electrician whenever possible. This is also an indicator of troubles if your lights vibrate or dim when other appliances are turned on. It is sensible to call an electrician to make sure your safety if you are running electronics via a single socket. This also includes the use of extension cords. Some outlets aren’t fit for managing so much electricity and have to be updated for your security.

Why is My panel making noise?

If your panel is currently still buzzing, This could mean that your breaker is faulty. As it could cause irreversible damage, if that is the case, it should be replaced immediately.

Why is, Is my breaker hot ?

In case your breaker is. You should contact an electrician. Heat is a serious hazard and should not be dismissed.

How do I reset my breakers ?

Some breakers do not Appear to get tripped but are in a neutral state, not allowing purpose. The best way to be certain your breaker is operational is on to turn off every breaker.

What’s A surge protector ?

A surge protector retains From being over flooded with electricity your apparatus. Surges of power can come from radar or the regional power station and can be destructive to your electronics.

Should I get a surge protector ?

Surge protectors are Commonly used to protect costly devices like sound systems, and computers, televisions. It is highly suggested you shield them with a surge protector if you would like to keep your devices safe and not need to replace them.

How can I tell when an electric outlet is not safe ?

You can tell if the socket is hot or warm to the touch that it’s unsafe. If you are experiencing these socket symptoms, you must stop use immediately and contact an electrician.

Can I Change a present switch ?

Obviously ! Depending on the lights in your house, there are several dimmers for the job. A dimmer with the use of specific bulbs, into an, will transform your turns such as incandescent, CFLs, and LEDs.

Why Choose Us ?

We’re always up-front about our service and ensure your satisfaction. As we’re passionate about helping the Columbus community, we supply service to anyone who needs it. We have to provide discounts to experts and financing options available.


We do not treat our customers like numbers we see you like family and treat you as such. It’s our job to go above and beyond for you by paying attention and remaining focused on your end aims to make certain your needs are met.

We provide a wide array of electrical services, for example:

Residential services: Do you need electrical repair work done at your property ? What about home renovation job, such as work that is part of the new building at your residence? Our technicians can provide you with the quality services that you want !

Bonding and grounding: The electrical bonding and grounding services we provide can ensure your electrical connections are correctly joined together. This can prevent hazardous voltages from damaging your house.

Generator: You can turn to our knowledgeable Chapel Hill, NC, electricians for help selecting and installing the right whole house generator to your Chapel Hill, property. A whole house generator will provide back-up electricity to you if your electricity ever goes out.

Lighting: Provide interior and exterior lighting solutions. From assisting you in every room of your home; to brighten your outdoor living patio spaces through the night, we can help you deal with your lighting needs.

Hot Tub / AC: If you are dealing with faulty spa wiring or an incorrectly-wired air conditioning circuits, you can count on Electrical Service Providers Electric to repair your electric problems efficiently and easily.

Home enhancements: Want to upgrade your home’s light fixtures, ceiling fans, landscape lighting, or another sort of electric amenity in your home ? We can assist you in implementing the improvements which are needed for your home !

Emergency services: Our trained technicians at Electrical Service Providers Electric are offered for emergency electrical service. We know that disasters can happen at any time, and we’re always here to help you.

Commercial services: Our staff offers electric work for a variety of kinds of commercial properties. We handle installation and electric panel repair work for construction jobs, and a whole lot more. We have been serving Homeowners and commercial property owners all over, and the surrounding areas since ou can rely on us for exceptional electrical function day or night! To Ensure That your electrical project gets done correctly, quickly, and cost-effectively.


If you’re searching for a qualified electrician to assist with residential or commercial projects, look no further: Our team has served homeowners and businesses in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. We have won customer support awards due to our dedication and hard work. We understand your time is precious when it comes to getting one of the house power services. Therefore, we don’t waste any time that you deserve:

1) Licensed checklists
2) Licensed, trained, experienced, and drug-free employees
3) The household company that’s familiar with the neighborhood
4) Extensive residential and commercial
5) A veteran’s discount–10 percent off every job
6) Lighting installments
7) Electrical repairs
8) Electrical wiring

We’re Committed to Creating Satisfied Customers

Below are real reviews from some of the many customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

I was concerned about knowing I was going to spend thousands of dollars on this project. What a joy to work with a company who was more concerned about me and my project than they are about their interest in it. From the very start, I was quoted a price for what would work best for my residence. They had a chance to try to upsell me but did not even try. I was already familiar with a variety of models. The crews that did the installation were fantastic. Always courteous, always engaging, but always hard working. Coordination with city inspectors and others who had an interest in the project was done extremely well. I did not even need to be around while the work was done. When it came time for the final payment, the company would not take it until the generator ran a couple of its weekly test cycles and I was completely happy. The owner of the company even helped me with another minor issue I had and would not accept any payment. Besides the workmanship and professionalism, this company scored big points in communication. Each time I called or needed a question answered, the owner of the company either called, emailed, or texted me very quickly. It seems today that getting in touch with
anyone is a nightmare.

Simply put, I would recommend Electrical Service Providers to anyone who needs their service. I can assure you they will be my first call for any other projects or services I require. Thanks to Home Advisor for steering me to this company.”

Randy J., Greensboro, NC – 2/22/2019

five star review

“A company who kept their word. Showed up when promised and completed the work !.”
Samuel M. in Reidsville, NC – 8/14/2018

five star review

“Repaired a Generator: They did an excellent job. Explained what needed to be done thoroughly. I was so impressed I hired them for additional work.”
Mike H., Greensboro, NC – 04/20/12

five star review

“He was excellent and was here within an hour of my looking for someone to come out and do the repair. This was a holiday weekend. It was a minor fix as it turned out, but I gladly paid the small amount he charged to fix it. I will call them again if I need an electrician. Thank you.”
Gwen B., Burlington, NC – 01/15/12

five star review

“Excellent work.”
Doc M., Durham, NC – 01/12/12

five star review

“Repaired Home Standby Generator:  Honest, Trustworthy, Very good customer service.”
Homeowner, High Point, NC – 3/18/2014

five star review

“Very prompt and did a very neat job.  Done on time.”
Edward M., Greensboro, NC – 4/8/2014

five star review

“Good to work with, found the problem rather quickly and provided guidance.”
Heather H., Greensboro, NC – 4/17/2014

five star review

“Very fast and great value.”
Homeowner, W.S., Greensboro, NC – 4/25/2014

“Professional, Explained problem and solution.”
Bob B., Greensboro, NC – 5/27/2014

five star review

“The technician was very nice, and even though he had a really busy day, he took the time to work in my repair.  Very prompt. I think someone else would have just shifted me to another day.”
Michelle K., Greensboro, NC – 8/3/2014

five star review