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benefits of a backup generator in chapel hill

Do you have a Home Stand By Generator System Already ?

Need Generator installations or repairs near you in Chatham County NC ? Call Now for Service Generator Repair | We Fix All Brands And Models‎

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Electrical Service Providers is YOUR Source for Scheduled Maintenance and Repairs on Home Generator Systems in Chatham County, NC. We are Factory Authorized Service Dealers near you for Generac and Briggs and Stratton Home Generator Systems.

1) Don’t Go Through Another Hurricane Season unprepared….
2) Install Your Generac Home Standby Generator System in Chatham County, NC Before the Rush… And for YOUR PEACE OF MIND!
3) Protect Your North Carolina Home and Family from Power Outages in Chatham County NC.
4) Install a Generac Home Standby Generator System from Electrical Service Providers Today.
5) Purchase a Qualifying System and receive a FREE Annual Service-A $229.00 Value.
6) Financing is Available.

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Electrical Service Providers is a leading provider of backup power generator services in the North Carolina Chatam County area.  We offer a wide range of services to our customers including:

1) Generator Sales and electrical repairs services
2) Generator Preventative maintenance programs
3) Generator Control system repair and upgrades
4) Generac Voltage regulator system diagnosis and repair
5) Generator Stator and rotor testing and rebuild
6) Complete Generator engine repair
7) Fuel system and day tank service
8) Comprehensive system testing
9) Parts sales


Why Do You Need a Backup Generator?

1) Prevent Major Damages to Your Home in Chatham County
2) Avoid Prolonged Power Outages in Chatham County
3) Ensure the Safety of Your Loved ones and Family Members


Questions? Not sure which way to go? How about calling the owner and having a good old-fashioned conversation where you can get straight answers. Call Me personally.

We will be happy to advise you about house generators and how to choose the right electrician near you to help you with your specific needs. Generac Power Generators are a valuable upgrade to your home, real estate properties or industrial building and can be a lifesaver.  The extremely smart and important thing you can do is choose to have the generators installed properly to ensure they are safe and adhere to local, state, federal, and other codes and regulations. We have nearly 30 years of experience with Electrical Service Repairs, Panel Upgrades, and generators.


If you have questions about generators, please give us a call. We count on electricity for so many things that even a short outage can be quite inconvenient. That is why more and more Chatham County, North Carolina homeowners are having generators installed. We can help you with getting familiar with generators and getting one properly installed.


WE USE THE BEST DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT IN CHATHAM COUNTY TO ASSESS GENERATOR REPAIR ISSUES QUICKLY WITH RELIABLE SERVICE. We know the importance of electricity staying on, especially for heating and cooling inside when the power goes out. This is why, when something goes wrong with your generator, you want to make sure it’s repaired right the first time. We urge you to call us right away for help in Chatham County, North Carolina if your generator:

1) Starts to leak or you notice puddles of fluid pooling around the base of your generator
2) Has incurred any exterior damage, such as cracks, dents, frayed wires, etc.
3) Has a hard time starting up as quickly as it used to or it doesn’t start up at all
4) Has any damaged electrical components

Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing when you have a generator repair in Chatham County, and we’ll be able to use the latest diagnostic equipment to assess generator repair issues quickly and propose the best reliable electrical repair and installation solutions available.

Your Generator Power is Our Priority

Our mission is to provide service above and beyond your expectations. With over 10,000 generator systems in service, Clifford Power is a preferred leader in the power generation industry. We provide planned maintenance programs and comprehensive repair services designed to extend the life of your generator and ensure maximum reliability. Our certified generator technicians are experienced in servicing all makes and models and receive ongoing training. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Generator Parts

Contact For Parts you Need For Your Home Generator Repairs. We Provide Generator repair and rebuilding services near you in Chatham County North Carolina. Generators such as standby power generators, automatic transfer switch sizing, voltage changes, prime power generators, control panel installations, residential power generators, commercial power generators, industrial power generators, and diesel, natural gas, bi-fuel, or LP gas engine-driven generators can be repaired. Generator revamping, troubleshooting, and planned maintenance services are also available. 24-hour emergency support services are available.

1) Local Electrical Panel Repairs & Installs

2) Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

3) Local Electrical Circuit Breakers replacements & repairs

4) Generac Equipment Repair & Install

5) Pool & Spa Light Installation

6) Dedicated Generator Repairs

7) Whole-House Surge Protection

8) Troubleshooting & Repairs

9) Generator Installation

10) Certified Electrical Inspections

11) Lighting Installation

12) Switches & Dimmers

13) Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

14) Recessed Can Lighting

15) Intercom Installations

16) Flourescent Fixtures

17) Flat Screen TV Installations

18) Landscape Lighting

19) Telephone, Voice & Data

20) Decorative & Accent

21) Stand-By Back Up Generator

22) Ceiling Fan Installation

23) Electrical Outlets

24) LED Lighting

benefits of a backup generator in chapel hill

Generac Generator Repair and Service in Chatham County

Homeowners and business owners in the Chatham County -Durham area, can phone Electrical Service Providers. An Electrical Service Company for prompt Generac generator service and repair. We are aware of the importance of reliable secondary power for your home or business and are here 24/7 to answer inquiries concerning your generator or perform repair and service.

Generator Installation Chatham County

When you have your Generac generator installed by a certified Electrical Service Provider, your house is guaranteed the reliability of a premium home generator.

Generator Service & Repair Chatham County

Whether it’s a yearly service call or an emergency repair, our electricians will have your home generator back up and running when you need it the most.

Natural Gas & Propane Generators Chatham County

Electrical Service Providers is a great resource in providing professional advice on what will work best for you. Generac generators come in many models and fuel types. For homeowners in Chatham County, NC, interested in purchasing a standby home power generator.

Benefits of a Backup Generator in Chatham County.

They are designed to automatically bring you power when your regular flow of electricity has been interrupted. Electrical Service Providers takes pride in providing these products to customers for use in times of trouble.

To schedule maintenance, or substantial Generac generator repair and service, we suggest that you contact us now to get in contact with a certified electrician near you in Chatham County.

electrical service providers

We’re Committed to Creating Satisfied Customers

Below are real reviews from some of the many customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

I was concerned about knowing I was going to spend thousands of dollars on this project. What a joy to work with a company who was more concerned about me and my project than they are about their interest in it. From the very start, I was quoted a price for what would work best for my residence. They had a chance to try to upsell me but did not even try. I was already familiar with a variety of models. The crews that did the installation were fantastic. Always courteous, always engaging, but always hard working. Coordination with city inspectors and others who had an interest in the project was done extremely well. I did not even need to be around while the work was done. When it came time for the final payment, the company would not take it until the generator ran a couple of its weekly test cycles and I was completely happy. The owner of the company even helped me with another minor issue I had and would not accept any payment. Besides the workmanship and professionalism, this company scored big points in communication. Each time I called or needed a question answered, the owner of the company either called, emailed, or texted me very quickly. It seems today that getting in touch with
anyone is a nightmare.

Simply put, I would recommend Electrical Service Providers to anyone who needs their service. I can assure you they will be my first call for any other projects or services I require. Thanks to Home Advisor for steering me to this company.”

Randy J., Greensboro, NC – 2/22/2019

five star review

“A company who kept their word. Showed up when promised and completed the work !.”
Samuel M. in Reidsville, NC – 8/14/2018

five star review

“Repaired a Generator: They did an excellent job. Explained what needed to be done thoroughly. I was so impressed I hired them for additional work.”
Mike H., Greensboro, NC – 04/20/12

five star review

“He was excellent and was here within an hour of my looking for someone to come out and do the repair. This was a holiday weekend. It was a minor fix as it turned out, but I gladly paid the small amount he charged to fix it. I will call them again if I need an electrician. Thank you.”
Gwen B., Burlington, NC – 01/15/12

five star review

“Excellent work.”
Doc M., Durham, NC – 01/12/12

five star review

“Repaired Home Standby Generator: Honest, Trustworthy, Very good customer service.”
Homeowner, High Point, NC – 3/18/2014

five star review

“Very prompt and did a very neat job. Done on time.”
Edward M., Greensboro, NC – 4/8/2014

five star review

“Good to work with, found the problem rather quickly and provided guidance.”
Heather H., Greensboro, NC – 4/17/2014

five star review

“Very fast and great value.”
Homeowner, W.S., Greensboro, NC – 4/25/2014

“Professional, Explained problem and solution.”
Bob B., Greensboro, NC – 5/27/2014

five star review

“The technician was very nice, and even though he had a really busy day, he took the time to work in my repair. Very prompt. I think someone else would have just shifted me to another day.”
Michelle K., Greensboro, NC – 8/3/2014

five star review