Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair Burlington

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair in Burlington, NC


ceiling fan installation repair burlingtonProper wiring of electrical connections is essential for a safe and efficient ceiling fan installation in Burlington. This minimizes the risk of malfunctions and fire hazards. However, installation can be more difficult if you have a vaulted ceiling or limited access to blocks or electrical supplies. To ensure a successful installation, it is advisable to hire a skilled technician. Our experienced technicians provide outstanding services for all your ceiling fan requirements, including wiring, installation, switches, and lighting. Count on us to prioritize your safety and ensure your satisfaction.

Our technicians offer expert service for:

  1. Ceiling fan wiring
  2. Ceiling fan installation
  3. Switches for ceiling fans
  4. Lighting

If you’re looking for reliable ceiling fan installation and repair services in Burlington, look no further than Electrical Service Providers (ESP). Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured electricians in Burlington are experts in their field and will ensure that your installation goes smoothly. We are committed to providing excellent quality and customer service and always strive to exceed your expectations. Contact us today at 336-228-3300 or online to schedule hassle-free and affordable ceiling fan installation or repair in Burlington, NC, and surrounding areas in Alamance & Chatham counties.


When it comes to ceiling fan problems, replacing the entire unit is usually more cost-effective than trying to repair it. Understanding the issues that can arise with a ceiling fan can help you decide whether repairing or replacing it is the better choice.


1) The fan blades are not moving: If there are no issues with the wiring, switch, or connections, there may be a significant malfunction in the ceiling fan motor. In this case, replacing the entire unit may be more cost-effective.

2) The lights flicker, dim, or turn off: To solve this issue, check for any damage or disconnections in the wiring. If the ceiling fan is connected to a dimmer switch, it can damage the fan.

3) Grinding noises when the fan is running: This noise typically indicates problems within the motor. It is advisable to replace the entire ceiling fan unit in this case.

4) Buzzing or humming sounds: Noisy fans can be caused by improper installation, loose mounting, or screws. Cleaning the unit and applying lubrication may help. If the problem persists, there may be an electrical issue.

5) Slow-moving blades: Cleaning the components around the blades and applying lubrication may solve the problem. If the speed does not improve, there may be a faulty motor.


If you’re having trouble with your ceiling fan, whether it’s not working, has lighting problems, wobbles, or any other issue, contact us for fast and efficient repair services. Our company has provided the local community with reliable, transparent, high-quality service for years. We offer competitive pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee backs our work. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and fixing any problem, so you can trust that we’ll find the best solution for your needs.

Ceiling fans offer many benefits, such as eliminating unpleasant odors and stagnant air. They’re also affordable for improving cooling during the hot summer months and distributing heat in colder weather. If you’re dealing with problems with your current fan or considering installing a new one, contact Electrical Service Providers (ESP). Our knowledgeable technicians in Burlington, North Carolina, are experienced in providing reliable ceiling fan installation and repair services.

To expedite your ceiling fan repair or installation in Burlington, NC, or anywhere in Alamance and Chatham counties, complete an online contact form or call 336-228-3300 immediately. Fix or install your ceiling fan in a timely and efficient manner!