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Electrical Home Safety Inspections in Burlington


home safety inspections burlingtonFaulty wiring and negligence are the main causes of fire damage. To ensure your older home or electrical system is safe, it’s essential to get a professional electrician to perform an inspection. At Electrical Service Providers (ESP), we offer thorough home safety inspections in Burlington and Chapel Hill. Contact us at 336-228-3300 to book your inspection today.


The age of your home is a significant factor in determining when a home safety inspection is necessary. If your home is over eight years old, it is advisable to schedule an inspection. Other instances where an inspection is recommended are when buying a new house, commencing a renovation project, meeting insurance requirements, and if you have any concerns regarding the safety of your electrical system.


Numerous safety guidelines and electrical codes have been implemented over time to enhance home electrical systems’ safety. Nevertheless, innumerable houses were constructed before the current safety standards. To ensure optimal safety, our company utilizes a reliable safety inspection process to assess the efficiency, dependability, and security of residential electrical systems. Our skilled Burlington electricians leverage their vast expertise and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to identify common safety hazards in home electrical systems.

Our electrical inspections in Burlington cover areas that include:

  1. Proper electrical system grounding
  2. The integrity of wires and conduits
  3. GFCI protection
  4. Main electrical panel functionality

Need a home electrical safety inspection in Burlington? During home safety inspections in Burlington, our technicians meticulously examined all areas that require immediate attention. If any potential problems are discovered, our electrical contractors propose efficient and affordable updates and repairs to resolve malfunctions and enhance your system’s performance, ultimately ensuring your family’s safety.

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